ThankTank simplifies the process for managing thank you letters to your donors.

All you need to do is:

Export a CSV file of all the donors to be thanked from your donor database.

Send that file of donors to be thanked to ThankTank via our secure FTP.

ThankTank immediately starts creating your thank you letters.

ThankTank Features

Print and prepare thank you letters exactly to your specifications.

Have your custom thank you letters printed, folded, stuffed, and mailed in your custom-branded envelopes.

  • Letters are printed in color on demand.

  • Custom branded envelopes are printed in color on demand or stocked.

  • Mail thank you letters weekly (or however frequently you need to with the Love plan).

Completely automate your workflow with eMarie™ artificial intelligence assistant.

With eMarie, you can streamline the thank you process with dynamic letter templates, on-the-fly imagery and signature selection, and automated letter routing. Available with the Hug and Love plans.

  • Automated file pickup and confirmation. Just export your list of donors from your donor management system and we will do the rest.

  • Dyanamic letter creation. Enjoy the variety of unlimited letter templates and easily mix-and-match images, signatures, and pre-written text blocks. Our SmartSalutation™ technology gives your donors the warm feeling that the thank you letter was written just for them.

  • Smart routing. Whether it’s monthly, major, VIP, or prospective donors, eMarie can easily manage where your letters go.

  • Seamless integration with your team. With eMarie’s customized notification and review process, you choose which letters or unique donor characteristics need staff review before mailing.

eMarie™ Engagement Builds and Sustains Relationships.

From the first gift, eMarie Engagement keeps donors invested, informed, and eager to make the next donation. Available with Love plan.

  • eMarie gives first-time donors the attention they deserve. eMarie can automatically trigger a custom “welcome series” for first time donors. A series could include a highly personal welcome letter, a three-week later follow up letter, and a follow-up monthly donor solicitation package or “honeymoon ask”.

  • eMarie can turn one-time donors into monthly donors. eMarie reviews donor records nightly and automatically identifies donors who are prime candidates to become monthly donors, major donors, or planned giving donors. eMarie can then initiate a solicitation series of letters.

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